Top 10 Rated Charlotte Caterers for Wedding and Other Events

A Piece of Havana

A Piece of Havana Authentic Cuban cuisine can be hard to find, but A Piece of Havana offers some of the most delectable Cuban dishes in all of North Carolina. The menu they offer has an assortment of your favorite Caribbean dishes that will make you feel like you are really there. This service takes over the catering operations completely on your big day so you don’t have to worry about a thing. With their experience, they know how to present everything beautifully and make everything run smoothly.

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Sauceman's Wedding catering companies in Charlotte should be working to make your event as fun and tasty as possible. That is exactly what Sauceman’s does for each and every event they cater. They offer an affordable menu with a large assortment of dishes to choose from. Whether you are having a corporate lunch, or an elegant wedding reception, this catering service provides BBQ that has been cooked for hours in their special sauces and marinades. Choosing this caterer means choosing the best.

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The Tin Kitchen

The Tin Kitchen From a food service that started as a food truck, The Tin Kitchen has come a long way. Their catering service offers some of the finest dining in North Carolina. Whether you are having a corporate lunch or a blowout wedding bash, this caterer offers a sophisticated selection of dishes for you to choose from. You can order platters, their signature dishes, or have them bring the food truck to your event. Whatever food you choose from this caterer is guaranteed to be tasty.

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Nothing But Noodles

Nothing But Noodles Nothing but Noodles serves the pasta that we all wish we could eat daily. Their delicious dishes include all of your favorites and some new ones that would make your mouth water. Their menu includes a selection of appetizers and salads before the main event. With every kind of pasta and sauce combination you can imagine, your guests will leave very full and ready to party. If you have room for dessert, they also offer a selection of pies and cakes to appease your sweet tooth.

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Perfect Plate Catering

Perfect Plate Catering Perfect Plate Catering is the catering service provided by the Midwood Smokehouse. This means they bring all of the meaty deliciousness from the Southern BBQ restaurant to your event. Providing your favorite home cooked dishes is what this company does best. In addition to their selection of mouth-watering food, they also offer a full package including: chairs, linens, and other decorative elements. This will help reduce the number of vendors you need to deal with and thus reduce any unnecessary stress.

City Tavern

City Tavern City Tavern is unique in that it not only offers catering but also offers private dining room catering and three locations of various sizes to host your event as well. Choosing this company means you will have your menu and event venue in the hands of the top catering and events team in Charlotte. Their menu is extensive, giving you and your guests plenty of delicious options to choose from. They also offer a variety of delicate ice carvings for their extra special events.

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Roots Farm Food

Roots Farm Food Roots Farm Food is dedicated to bringing its customers only the most delectable meals made with the freshest locally grown and sourced ingredients. This local caterer is unique in that the entire menu is customized; meaning the menu that you choose to have them make for your event is the only one like it. It is not hard to find catering in Charlotte, NC, but it is hard to find catering that promises to support local vendors by using local food.

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The Munchies Catering Diner

The Munchies Catering Diner The Munchies Catering Diner is one that accommodates for every taste. Whether you are looking for Mexican Food, Italian Catering, or a seafood crawfish spread, you’re sure to find your favorites on their menu. They have options for a sit down dinner that can be served to your guests or a buffet that allows everyone to choose exactly what they want. Prices range from around $19 to $50 per person making this one of the most affordable catering services as well.