Top 10 Rated Wedding Videographers in Charlotte, NC

Abernethy Videography

Abernethy Videography Abernethy Videography offers packages for their wedding services that are all affordable and all come with at least one of the talented team members working for this company. This company list out their prices and services so clearly that there are no questions about what you will be getting from them. Each package comes with at least two cameras and one cameraperson so you will be getting different perspectives and with high-tech microphones, you will be getting quality sound too.

Palmetto Digital

Palmetto Digital More and more couples are opting to have a Charlotte wedding videographer in addition to the traditional photography services because there is some things that simply cannot be captured by the photographer. Palmetto Digital is a company that ensures the movement, romance, exchanges of words and everything else missed by the photos can be seen on film. This company is passionate about what they do, which is evident in their beautifully edited wedding films. You cannot go wrong with a company as dedicated as this one.

K2 Productions

K2 Productions K2 Productions is one of the biggest and most inclusive wedding videography companies in North Carolina and beyond. By providing personal and creative experiences for clients, this team is able to meet their needs while providing a unique and beautiful film in the end. Whether you would like them to tell the story of your fairytale day or would simply like them to capture a special event, they can do it all without interfering with what is happening and simply observe it.

NFocus Pictures

NFocus Pictures It will only take a moment of watching one of the films shot and produced by NFocus Productions to convince you of their talent and skills both with the camera in in the editing process. This company creates videos that are unique to the event they are covering and to the couple in the case of weddings. You will not find a videographer who more truly tells the story of your big day than this one. With incredible rates, you cannot go wrong.

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Images of Power

Images of Power Images of Power is becoming famous among couples and wedding planners in the Charlotte area for their personalized service and fun add-ons that set them apart. This company has been known to capture every delicate and emotional moment of any event they are hired for, especially weddings. Imagine being able to relive the fun you had on the dance floor, the walk down the aisle and the sweet words of your wedding. While the day will surely be unforgettable, make sure you have a film to cherish with the help of this company.

Good Earth Films

Good Earth Films Good Earth Films was started by the husband and wife team of Alex and James Gould. These two have a shared passion for videography and for the romance of a wedding, which is why they joined forces to use their talents and capture weddings in the area. As the best wedding videographers in Charlotte, NC, the duo not only capture the big day without interfering but will produce an elegant and emotional video from the large amount of footage that they have taken.

Hart To Heart Media

Hart To Heart Media It is easy to see why countless couples have turned to Hart to Heart Media to capture their wedding day. Thomas Hart, who has a passion for creating innovative wedding films, started this company. Since beginning, this company has grown into a team of passionate professionals who work alongside the owner, providing their unique talents to give you top quality results. This company truly is the best, a fact that was proven when The Knot named them the best videographers in the area.

ProStyle Video Productions

ProStyle Video Productions Wedding videography is the best way to capture the spirit, moments and emotion of your wedding day in a beautifully edited film. ProStyle Video Productions is a local company that serves the video needs of their clients for all events ranging from weddings to parties to corporate and much more. With the latest video technology and sound equipment, they clearly capture every moment. The professionalism and affordable prices offered cannot be beaten, which is why this company has become so popular.

Signature Wedding Films

Signature Wedding Films Signature Wedding Films is a premier wedding videographer in North Carolina. This company is known for not only taking great film footage but also for their personal attention and care for their clients. By listening to the client’s love story and how they would like the film to turn out, the company is better able to personalize the film and truly tell the love story. Reviews of their work and their processes are nothing short of raving, convincing everyone of their talents.

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