Top 10 Rated Wedding Photographers in Colorado Springs, CO

Trystan Photography

Trystan Photography Trystan Photography believes in offering more services in the company’s wedding coverage than most. By providing two photographers, these professionals are completely focused on taking pictures while the cinematographer is focused on videography, taking pictures intermittently. With this many people capturing your wedding in so many ways and styles, you can be sure that not a single moment is missed. The team was created for weddings and is becoming famous among couples as outgoing, skilled and for always producing great work.

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Blue Fox Photography

Blue Fox Photography Blue Fox Photography has been serving the couples and families of the Colorado Springs area since its establishment. Wendy, the creator of the company, moved from New England to enjoy the natural beauty offered in the mountains. She uses her surroundings as the perfect background in most of her images. This photographer has a focus on families and weddings. At affordable prices, you can reserve this talented woman to photograph the best day of your life, and then your family later on.

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John Gibson Photography

John Gibson Photography You are getting married to commit to your partner for a lifetime, so who better to shoot your wedding day than a team who have already had their wedding and have created a successful marriage and partnership. John Gibson Photography is the husband and wife team of John and Carmela. They work together, completely in sync as they capture the beauty of your wedding day. As Colorado Springs wedding photographers, they focus on bringing out your real personalities, and make clients feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera.

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Reflections Photography

Reflections Photography Reflections Photography has photographed over 2,300 weddings since 1982. Our goal is to make your moment last forever with creative portraits and spontaneous candids of your special day.

D Coleman Photography

D Coleman Photography Having one of the top photographers in the industry at your wedding is a dream of most couples, but his can be a reality when you book D. Coleman Photography. It is clear from his work that David has a unique combination of talent and passion. His images are always charming and are great quality. This photographer began his career by actually developing photos before moving behind the lens. Since then, his work has grown to be extremely popular in the area as is proven by the countless good reviews.

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A Creative Moment Photography

A Creative Moment Photography Wedding photographers in Colorado Springs, CO often are too specialized to meet all of your needs. A Creative Moment Photography has professional experience shooting everything from infants, to families, businesses, portraits and weddings. This company captures a variety of events using their extensive photography talents. They do this for a relatively low price so they can be a part of more events and lives. You will not find a photographer who does more than this company. They can photograph you, your family and your business for years to come.

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Dream Design Photography

Dream Design Photography Having a professional photograph your wedding can be affordable. Dream Design Photography has made this happen by having wedding packages that start at just $699. To find a talented photographer who offers packages for under $1,000 is a serious find. They believe that by lowering the price, they will have the privilege of shooting more special events. With a clear list of prices and services, you can be sure of what you are getting and will not run into any hidden fees after the event.

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Real Photography Inc.

Real Photography Inc. Real Photography Inc. was first named Traci Turchin Photography. Since it has grown in popularity and since Traci has begun to work with other photographers the name has changed. The name is also more representative of her style as a photographer. She works to take photos of your real lives and moments, exemplifying beauty through her lens. As a lifestyle and wedding photographer, she works with each client to bring out their true personalities, the spirit of the event and raw emotions.

Megan Hardre Photography

Megan Hardre Photography Megan Hardre Photography isn’t only focused on shooting the very best images, but making a connection with each client in order to do so. This photographer believes that it is important for her clients to like her personality and her style in order to have the most successful partnership. Megan uses a second shooter at each wedding she shoots to give clients the very best coverage. This photography truly takes care of her clients throughout the entire process and does it at great rates as well.

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