Top 10 Rated Honolulu Wedding Ministers & Officiants

Hawaii Civil Marriage

Hawaii Civil Marriage Hawaii Civil Marriage provides affordable ceremony options to couples looking to have non-religious weddings. Reviews of this service rave about how accommodating the different packages and options are to the needs of each individual couple. You can walk in any day of the week and get married or you can make an appointment to have the ceremony at your desired venue or location. Whichever package you choose, you can be sure that the officiant will be friendly and professional throughout the process.

Alan Ross Spector

Alan Ross Spector Alan Ross Spector is a licensed wedding minister that specializes in working with couples and performing non-religious or humanist marriage ceremonies. The goal of this expert is not to simply collect a check for performing a set script, but to create a meaningful ceremony that speaks to the values and the beliefs of the couple. You will work together to make sure this happens and to make sure you are agree with each and every word that will be spoken.

Hawaiian Isle Weddings

Hawaiian Isle Weddings Hawaiian Isle Weddings is a company that can accommodate for any couple that seeks their services. This team has packages that include only having a custom ceremony or you can choose this company to plan and coordinate the entire day too. The only limitation on the ceremony from these Honolulu wedding officiants is a 1-hour maximum ceremony time. Other than this, you will be able to make special requests about adding songs or poems and will be able to work with the officiant to finalize the script.

Hawaii Christian Weddings

Hawaii Christian Weddings Hawaii Christian Weddings is a company that offers a variety of wedding officiant services throughout the area. Each of the officiants at this company have years of experience working with couples that are Hawaii natives and with those that are having destination ceremonies. Each reverend or pastor that works with this team is able to meet your needs in the ceremony both in terms of the script and in terms of your beliefs. This kind of gentle and accommodating nature will set the stage for you to have the best wedding day possible.

Celebration Ceremonies Hawaii

Celebration Ceremonies Hawaii The right wedding officiant makes all the difference, which is why so many couples choose to work with Rebecca Woodland from Celebration Ceremonies Hawaii. She creates and performs weddings of all kinds, incorporating wedding traditions of Hawaii and other cultures when requested. Rebecca is flexible and professional in all her work, collaborating with the couple to ensure a beautiful, personalized, meaningful ceremony that honors and reflects the uniqueness of the individuals, the couple, and their commitment to each other. Rebecca Woodland is the ideal choice for your Hawaii wedding!