Top 10 Rated Oklahoma City Wedding Cake Bakeries

Sweet Cherry’s Bakery

Sweet Cherry’s Bakery Previous clients and couples have raved about their experience of choosing and buying a wedding cake from Sweet Cherry’s Bakery. This shop truly does offer an experience. First, couples enjoy a mouth-watering tasting in which they can sample the different cake flavors and icings to choose their favorite. Then they work with the head cake designer to come up with a style that is all their own before the baker goes to work, bringing the top quality creation to life.

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Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet If you have a killer sweet tooth then having a delicious and beautiful cake is going to be high on your list of priorities for your wedding day. Simply Sweet is one of the few cake bakeries in Oklahoma that makes confections that are not only flawlessly designed and decorated but also delicious throughout. They pay close attention to the details to ensure your cake is as perfect as the rest of your big day. You and your sweet tooth will certainly be satisfied with a creation from this bakery.

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Stacie’s Cakes & Sweet Confections

Stacie’s Cakes & Sweet Confections Many couples have discussed every single detail of their wedding day together, so why should their cake be any different. Stacie’s Cakes & Sweet Confections makes those details and cake visions come to life by using the freshest ingredients and making cakes from scratch. The talented bakers and cake designers at this company have made countless wedding cakes in Oklahoma City, OK. You can have something in any style you want and with unique cake toppers that represent you as a couple to bring the entire thing together.

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Raspberries n’ Crème

Raspberries n’ Crème Raspberries n’ Crème is a bakery offering to make some of the most elegant and sophisticated Oklahoma City wedding cakes. If you simply want a beautiful cake that is fresh and delicious, then this company can accommodate. Each of their confections is decorated with whipped cream and fresh flowers and comes in whichever flavor you would like. They have their signature cake, which shares the name of the company, as well as cakes like the ribbon cake and strawberry and banana cream dream cake, to name a few.

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1 Smart Cookie

1 Smart Cookie If you want to have a unique confection on your wedding day, but aren’t a huge fan of cake, then having your wedding day treat made out of delicious cookie might be for you. 1 Smart Cookie makes extravagant cookies for birthday parties, family events, and weddings. Whether you want a large cake-like cookie with frosting or would like individual cookies in unique shapes, this shop can make anything happen. At affordable prices, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and all of your guests.

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La Baguette Bakery & Café

La Baguette Bakery & Café La Baguette Bakery & Café is known for making delicious baked goods and cakes daily for people to stop by and grab a treat for breakfast or to buy a birthday cake or baby shower cake for their event. While this happens daily, the store also hand crafts beautiful wedding cakes for their customers using the same high quality ingredients that they do on a day-to-day basis. Everything that comes out of this store is delicious and will surely please anyone when they try the mouth-watering desserts.

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Wedding Cakes by Kim Payne

Wedding Cakes by Kim Payne The elegance of the cakes of Wedding Cakes by Kim Payne is undeniable and unmatched. This baker is completely focused on making beautiful tiered wedding cakes of all shapes and sizes. Topping them off with unique decorative styles and using the highest quality frosting, these confections are truly works of art. This baker will only dedicate herself to making one wedding cake per weekend so you know that your cake will get her undivided attention, but you do have to book quickly to reserve the best baker for your wedding cake.

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Mishelle Handy Cakes

Mishelle Handy Cakes Mishelle Handy Cakes operates in a personalized way as the baker and designer gives their attention completely to couples one-on-one to better understand what they have envisioned for their wedding day. With personal care like this, you can be sure that the custom cake this company makes will truly be something you will love and will be perfect as the centerpiece for the wedding reception. This cake designer only works with a few clients at a time to give each one the best care, meaning booking her quickly is a must.

Fancy Cakes Etc.

Fancy Cakes Etc. Wedding cakes are possibly the most elegant and sophisticated confection you will ever eat, so having one that also reflects your style, as a couple is important. Fancy Cakes Etc. makes beautiful tiered wedding cakes with unique designs that never compromise the extravagance of the occasion or the cake. Whether you want the colors of the cake to match the theme of your wedding or would like something that features your favorite flowers, they can create something that is one-of-a-kind, just for you.

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