Top 10 Rated Philadelphia Wedding Cake Bakeries

Cakes by Kharis

Cakes by Kharis Cakes by Kharis bakes the most beautiful custom cakes in Philadelphia. The store knows there?s a tough completion outside, in the baking world. And, with that in mind, it continually endeavors to bake something different for each customer to arrive. For events like weddings, birthday, bachelor parties or others, dashes of artworks and creativity is applied on the products by Cakes by Kharis. A top choice is the freehand airbrushed technique in cakes as well as sculpting and other art effects. Fresh fruit, butterycream flowers, sugary flowers, fresh flowers, flavored fillings and mousses are available to make your cakes more sumptuous and delightful in layers.

Mayfair Bakery

Mayfair Bakery "Leidenschaft f?r Kuchen" (Passion for cakes) -- Mayfair Bakery is expertly handled by the family of bakers ever since 1965, with craftsmanship that can be traced up to roots way back in 1823. Mayfair Bakery whips up the best custom cakes in Philadelphia, bursting with different blends of taste and the most natural ingredients. The bake store products are donuts, cinnamon buns, butter cookies, gluten free cookies, Danish, tortes, miniature pastry party trays, soft rolls, butter cakes, beautiful classic wedding cakes, birthday and custom specialty cakes. All sold in very low prices. For specific details to be added, consultation visits are required.

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Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella At Ciao Bella cakes a set of culinary team creates the most exquisite baked goods and Philadelphia wedding cakes. They have been trained in a pastry or culinary arts program. Ciao Bella uses original recipes thought from scratch and mixed with fresh eggs, butter, sugar, flour, and cream. . Ciao Bella is in partner with the town?s premier wedding vendors for the perfect wedding event any couple dreams of. For wedding consultations, it would be helpful to bring color swatches, the official invitation, colored magazines and cake pictures. Wedding cakes can be in the styles of whimsical, bold, elegant, classic and floral designed tiers. Dessert trays may include layer cakes, cheesecakes, tarts and pastries. Ciao Bella also ships goods. Their baked products can be delivered to your doorsteps or sent as gifts.

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Bredenbeck's Bakery

Bredenbeck's Bakery Bredenbeck's Bakery is a Philadelphia tradition with vintage recipes from 1889. The cake shop is known for baking only the best moist and delectable cakes using anything from scratch and the freshest ingredients. They really love serving the wedding cake needs of happy brides and grooms for their big day. Other cake products and pastries are groom's cakes, special occasion cakes like birthday cakes, dessert trays made up of cookies, pies, pastries and ice cream done in custom favors with gluten free options. The store also has an everyday bakery with gourmet treats sold everyday. Bredenbeck's Bakery is Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Awarded for 2014 and A Pick of The Knot's Best of Weddings 2014.

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Swiss Haus Bakery

Swiss Haus Bakery A certified Kosher, Swiss Haus Bakery specializes in the Hazelnut Cake, using an old family recipe for 3 generations, which has Swiss Vanilla Buttercream covered in Swiss Chocolate Shavings. The shops is also known for creating mouth-watering Rum, Hazelnut and Mocha cakes in European tastes dating back for more than 85 years ago. Among cake bakeries, Swiss Haus Bakery instigates the best Philadelphia Tradition in baked goods. With a motto of ?Memories you can eat,? all weddings are treated with care. At the site, Swiss Haus Bakery is open to giving tips and wedding cake planning guide to help couples. Freshly baked pastries and cakes are available at the store: a dessert platter, cookie tray, pastry tray or custom cakes for themed events.

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Denise's Denise's is a master in cake arts when it comes to baking wedding cakes. Inside the gallery, different cake patterns and designs can be seen. Their butter pound cake recipe made from scratch and creamy golden butter comes in different flavors and is a very popular choice among couples. Other choices can be in rolled fondant for an extra smooth and sleek look on wedding cakes and other celebration cakes like during bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby welcome parties, birthdays, anniversaries and other events with one-of-a-kind masterpiece custom cakes in Philadelphia. Denise's follows a goal to make the store experience for customers as something fun and memorable in one package that goes with a commitment of not only to meet expectations, but also to exceed them.

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Whipped Bakeshop

Whipped Bakeshop Whipped Bakeshop is a product of the ingenious artistry in Zo? Lukas and Brennen. They are renowned Philadelphia baked and pastry artists. Coming from a food-loving family, Zoe shows her knack of talent in baking delicious yummy treats at the store. You can choose from ready made designs at the gallery, or get to customize your own cake with unique cake toppers. On wedding cakes and cupcakes, shop by color, occasion or theme. The wedding favors are French Macaron Favor Box and various customizable cookie designs like the Cursive Love Cookie Favors. Combining different icings, flavors and fillings in their products, the baked goods at Whipped Bakeshop are also perfect for other occasions like birthday, graduation and baby shower. As the Best of Philly winner in the Best of Cupcakes, Whipped Bakeshop bakes stunning Philadelphia wedding cakes, yummy cupcakes and hand-crafted cookies.

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Tiffany's Bakery

Tiffany's Bakery Tiffany's Bakery doesn?t only bake wedding cakes, but it also loves to serve wedding day catering. Delicious breakfast trays, coffee break trays, Starbucks service or customized your own dessert trays are possible. A wedding cake should be spontaneous and reflective of the bride and grooms lovely emotions when they finally say ?I Dos.? Tiffany's Bakery crafts luxury wedding tiers in different flavors, cake toppers and designs. For companies, logos can be applied on sheet cakes, round cakes, or cupcakes. In baby shower cakes, candid photos can be added. No Setup Fee! Tiffany's Bakery also can provide candles and tableware for the occasion.

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