Top 10 Rated Laredo Caterers for Wedding and Other Events

Johnny Carinos Catering

Johnny Carinos Catering Johnny Carino's prides itself in creating events that linger on long after all the guests have left. These are the best kind of wedding catering companies in Laredo, the ones that always aim to please and mesmerize. With an amazing Italian catering service, with Johnny Carino's not only will you get cheap service, but you will also get the best bbq and menus specifically created for cocktail parties, private dining, weddings, official events and so on. At Johnny Carino's, you only get the best.

Taco Palenque

Taco Palenque This is a Laredo catering service that provides the most authentic and true Mexican flavor. Opened way back in 1987, Taco Palenque has positioned itself as the ultimate place for its customers to spend time with their friends and family. With an exceptionally eclectic, all Mexican menu, Taco Palenque has slowly but surely become synonymous with great tasting Mexican food. If you are looking to infuse a bit of Mexican culture into your next family gathering, office party or even just a nice weekend out, Taco Palenque is the place to call. They do amazing outside catering as well as provide the perfect venue for breakfast, lunch and dinner parties at any one of their outlets in Laredo and the wider south Texas region.


Lubys The kitchens at Luby's are run by head chefs who are very much part of the big Luby's family. What this means is that you will only ever get the best tasting dishes made from the highest quality ingredients and served with a touch of love and care. The chefs at Luby's ensure that this wonderful local caterer (also serving other States) adheres to the highest levels of hygiene and quality when serving you at your special events, private events, corporate events, buffets and so on. When you call them, Luby's answers with food cooked to perfection.

Lins Grand Buffet

Lins Grand Buffet Lin's Grand Buffet is proud to offer the local community cheap, mouth-watering taste of Asian cuisine. With delectable dishes cooked using only the freshest ingredients, Lin's Grand Buffet does more than just serve up a memorable buffet, they bring the taste of Asia to America. The best part is that their crawfish recipes are rooted in various cooking styles from all over Asia. When you visit or order catering from Lin's, you can rest assured that you will be spoilt for choice. Lin's can cater for both large and small events, providing only top quality customer service and even better meals.