Top 10 Rated Boston Caterers for Wedding and Other Events

Tables of Content Catering

Tables of Content Catering Winner of Boston's Best 2014 award by the Improper Bostonian and a certified Green Restaurant, Tables of Content Catering offers nothing but the best in town for today’s most wanted food of seasons. Any fresh crawfish or tenderloin served on sticks can look superb with the restaurant’s expert hands in culinary creativity. Tables of Content Catering makes fine and exquisite weddings, complete in exact details from designer chairs to delectable one-of-a-kind desserts. Tables of Content Catering is a top bride’s choice across wedding catering companies in Boston and continues to be in-demand in growing scales. Whether there’s a wedding right at your home or outdoors on a beachside, Tables of Content Catering will surpass your expectations!

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Sammy Carlo's Catering

Sammy Carlo's Catering Sammy Carlo's Catering is a family business running in Massachusetts for over 30 years now. The place is popular for cooking real traditional and ethnic dishes fares, fusion cuisine as well other variations of the food amenities. Get to experience Sammy Carlo's Catering’s hot trays, hot hors d' oeuvres or the Carlos traditional party platter in full cheap affordable plates. Sammy Carlo's can make all nights and days even more special, just for you! It also provides utensils, flatware, table dressings, glassware, tables, and a timely manner of serving guests. Grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the best experience and menu among catering companies in Boston, right now!

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University of Massachusetts Boston Catering Services

University of Massachusetts Boston Catering Services UMass Boston Catering Services is known to serve avid guests with food amenities just right for any type of hosted occasion in using off-campus catering services. Get enjoy the top plates to savor in a rare dining opportunity with the best Boston catering service, today. The restaurant can customize a very beautiful menu for your party. As a wedding vendor, the chefs talk and give particular attention to detail on the couple’s own personal choices in basic or customized menu line. The recipes are traditional and trendy, which all guests would absolutely crave for! Among local caterers, UMass Boston Catering Services whips up the ideal meals of our times.

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Perry's Gourmet Services

Perry's Gourmet Services At Perry's Gourmet Services, get to try a certified caterer by the City of Boston and served by a ServSafe Certified set of staff. Choose from a number of menu types for full catering service, BBQ, breakfast only or ice cream parties and order now the most sumptuous treats for any especially themed weddings, corporate bashes, special events and BBQ parties. Belonging to the top wedding catering companies in Boston today, the best results in epicurean cooked meals can be found at the Perry's Gourmet Services. Enjoy original recipes from appetizers, boxed lunches, sandwich platters, sides, Southern entrees, Latin and Caribbean entrees or as well as the Cuban style entrees, Perry's Gourmet has something for everyone!

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BG Events and Catering

BG Events and Catering Celebrate it like a king and queen, find the town’s most appetizing plates at BG Events and Catering the top Boston catering service, at this moment. Have it customized or personalized, weddings are now provided with the perfect dining opportunity and the most affordable menu list for guests to surely enjoy. Where, everything is packed in very cheap prices for menu items. Choose an oriental dining experience or Italian Catering, BG Events and Catering is a full-service catering business that meets themed parties from basic to very elegant weddings. Party and eat in style because of BG Events and Catering!

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Mirchi Cafe

Mirchi Cafe Since its opening, Mirchi Cafe has always aspired to bring a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience to your event. To them, catering is more than just providing a sit-down lunch or putting food on the table; it's about creating a foundation for a relationship with the client. Using fresh and indigenous ingredients, their senior chef, Lisa Ahmad and her team of top cooks prepare a tantalizing range of delicacies that is sure to satisfy their guests. Their catering packages are designed to meet every customer’s special needs.

Gourmet Caterers

Gourmet Caterers Celebrating its 40 years today, Gourmet Caterers provides a rare world class opportunity to guests. Weddings will have an elegant and intimate mood because of the great food provided by this wonderful restaurant. Also, a favorite hang-out among local caterers, a delicious menu is packed with low priced deals items for any size and scale of a party. For your breakfast, lunch or dinner, get to try the most delicious treats from Choose from exotic food amenities from a team of expert wedding planners, chefs, stylists and servers at Gourmet Caterers. Customized menus can come as Mexican food, American or European plates, made only with fresh and organic materials, but still delicious for the buds. At your buffet choices, check out Gourmet Caterers among the best catering in Boston, MA and receive more surprises in weddings!

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Diana's Catering

Diana's Catering Diana's Catering is famous for European delights with full-service catering for the most endearing occasions like weddings, corporate parties, holiday parties, family reunions, baby or wedding showers, bachelorette and prom nights at Boston City. And, to make it more special, the restaurant has partnered with several vendors to fully optimize its client’s catering needs. Together, they are able to complete celebrations with the best wedding services in town. Diana’s Catering knows that it is a very important big day for you. With this in mind, only the perfect music, most beautiful flowers and delectable rare plates are offered at Diana's Catering, down to perfection.

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East Meets West

East Meets West East Meets West creates the much styled weddings of the year and has been a popular dining amenity among local landmarks, art galleries, historic sites, and museums as the top choice among local caterers, today. Or, bring the restaurant right at your doorsteps! East Meets West is also catering for private homes and backyards throughout New England, for your wedding, business and birthday party. As a wedding vendor, East Meets West takes pride of its own set of Event Planners assists in the customization of your choice of menu and advice the best menu items for the couple’s personalities. Get seen in dinners, buffet or cocktail reception, this great great restaurant can give the utmost care in dining service!

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Deja Blu Catering

Deja Blu Catering Established in 1988, Deja Blu Catering is a world class restaurant that serves unique and delicious buffet table at catering in Boston, MA. Plus, you can also order them customized. Isn’t great? Deja Blu Catering is a full-service catering providing the best cheap prices today. Where, the most talented connoisseurs get to practice their expertise for guests to enjoy. The restaurant is a famous wedding vendor able to answer to the latest couples’ needs during the initial planning, selection of venues up to the whole process. It is the top pick for weddings held in the metro. For today’s smartest choices, Deja Blu Catering is the one for you!

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