Top 10 Rated Boston Nail Salons


MiniLuxe High-end nail fashion is now seen at MiniLuxe. It is Massachusetts most awarded nail salon. Where, you can find a list of top salon and body spa packages to choose from in big big discounts. The salon believes that each guest is unique and has a different taste of fashion sense. That is why its packages are made to suit every need they have, when it comes to weddings, prom nights and parties. The MiniLuxe is a wonderful place to be.

Adara Spa

Adara Spa Carry the most stylish form of nail arts in today’s fashion world. Why not try it at Adara Spa? The top bridal choice of the city is happy to open its doors to offer you a range of stylish nail arts suiting to the budget. Bring all your friends and the whole entourage to enjoy one great afternoon of nail arts. Take a dive on a selection of bright colors and shimmering additions for a perfect set of nails to wear. Your nails shout “Get near me!” at this top notch nail spa for brides.

Newbury Skin & Nails

Newbury Skin & Nails A bride finally exchanges “I Dos” with the man she loves at the chapel. To achieve just the right thing on her bridal look, a good nail design would match with the longest designer gown and wedding couture. Visit Newbury Skin & Nails to take a pick of a finest range of nail art services, you would absolutely love! Don’t worry only the best nail artists and aestheticians are hired by Newbury Skin & Nails. This wonderful salon knows what’s best for you. Where every bride never leaves their doors without looking gorgeous and splendid, now her wedding day is made extra special, by choosing the nail designs at Newbury Skin & Nails.

Polished Nail & Skin Boutique

Polished Nail & Skin Boutique Wedding bells and wishing wells, nail arts are the latest craze in today’s bridal fashion. At Polished Nail & Skin Boutique, choose from different rhinestones, colors of manicure and even beads to add to your nail designs. They are very original and made with the city’s most talented hands by nail artists. Organic elements can also be found at the salon’s great great nail packages. Polished Nail & Skin Boutique has the next biggest thing in fashion. Other features are pedicure, waxing and hair styling. Visit them today!

Gretta Cole

Gretta Cole Grooms wait for their bride at the end of the red carpet. She would look very fantastic with the stylish gown amenities, softest cascading hair updo’s and a great set of nail designs, fitting for a queen. Gretta Cole has today’s most trendy upbeat nail arts according to reviews and in the least affordable prices. Splashes of red, pink and white are combined to make one-of-a-kind nail designs. Drop by them today to receive hours of pleasure! Voted Best of Boston for Salon and Spa Services.


Bliss Roses are red, violets are blue, when you wear your wedding ring, is the look the right thing? Bear the perfect nail art by Bliss Boston. They come in rare designs in pleasing colors, glitters and stones. Find a set of talented nail artists at this fabulous salon to work on your hand. Each nail art they made can match any type of theme for your wedding, parties and hosted events. Be it a formal or casual gown, the Bliss Boston is an expert to crafting your nails in beauty and chic madness to enjoy from.

General Hair Care Salon at Massachusetts General Hospital

General Hair Care Salon at Massachusetts General Hospital The General Hair Care Salon at Massachusetts General Hospital has other salon services aside from being a full-service hair salon, all for its visitors and patients to enjoy. Take absolute delight in the most pleasing local nail designs for your wedding day. Celebrate in style and glamour at General Hair Care Salon at Massachusetts General Hospital. Nail arts come in affordable packages only served by the most talented salon connoisseurs known to the city today. With a tight budget, you wouldn’t be sorry, if you choose General Hair Care Salon at Massachusetts General Hospital. Check them out today!