Top 10 Rated Boston Wedding Planners and Coordinators


Whim When it comes to wedding planning in Boston, Whim is a popular choice among couples. One of the reasons for this is that they are very good at wedding planning on a budget. They will also come up with a timeline for the wedding day that will allow the day to run more smoothly. Couples can choose to meet with a wedding consultant one time prior to their wedding day if they do not want the whole wedding planning package. They also have an option for couples to rely on a Whim wedding coordinator one month before the wedding date.

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Frosted Pink Weddings By Kelly

Frosted Pink Weddings By Kelly Frosted Pink -Weddings By Kelly is a popular choice for upscale wedding planning in Boston. Their full-service VIP package includes wedding checklists, event planning and more. Planning a wedding checklist is easy when Frosted Pink – Weddings By Kelly takes on the job. With experienced wedding planners in Boston, MA they can create a timeline for the wedding day and provide an event planner to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible. No other wedding planners are as talented or dedicated as the ones that work together at Frosted Pink – Weddings By Kelly to achieve the perfect wedding.

Hummingbird Bridal & Event Planning

Hummingbird Bridal & Event Planning Hummingbird Bridal & Event Planning offers complete wedding planning in Boston. Throughout the wedding planning process a wedding consultant is available to answer a couple’s questions. Every aspect of event planning that goes into a wedding is covered by Hummingbird. When it comes to how to plan a wedding no one is more thorough than Hummingbird wedding planners in Boston, MA. Every event planner there has the ability to negotiate prices with vendors to get the best possible deals. Hummingbird wedding planners will even take on negotiating with a local hotel for a special rate for out of town guests.

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Magenta Magenta is one of the few companies who do wedding planning in Boston for gay and lesbian marriages. Their wedding planners will help couples find the best vendors for their big day. A wedding coordinator is on hand for the big day to ensure that the wedding planning a couple envisioned comes to fruition. Couples interested in wedding planning on a budget will find great success with Magenta as they organize wedding plans to fit each couple’s budget. Though planning a wedding on one’s own can be overwhelming, Magenta makes it easier than other wedding planners in Boston, Massachusetts do.

Contagious Events

Contagious Events Contagious Events specializes in wedding planning in Boston for gay and lesbian weddings. Whether a couple is eloping or planning a wedding, Contagious Events has the right package for them. Prior to the big day a Boston wedding planner will meet with each couple to help them in planning a wedding checklist. Wedding planning on a budget is also offered at this time. When the wedding day arrives couples have an event planner onsite to make sure things run smoothly. In addition a wedding planner will be there to ensure the wedding plans go off without a hitch all day.

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Marrero Events

Marrero Events Marrero Events is run by Paula Marrero, who previously worked for Todd English, a famous celebrity chef. After becoming a mom Paula decided to try her hand at wedding planning in Boston and the rest is history. She now offers several wedding planning packages to local couples. One package can be customized while the remaining includes select services. Couples are assigned a wedding coordinator who will help them design a timeline and wedding planning checklist to follow. Wedding planning on a budget is also one of the services offered. An online wedding planner is made available for unlimited email inquiries.

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Great Beginnings Events

Great Beginnings Events Wedding planning in Boston is always excellent when Great Beginnings Events is involved. Several wedding planning packages are offered to couples, which include a wedding planning checklist and timeline. A wedding coordinator will work with couples as much or as little as they want. Wedding plans can always be executed flawlessly when a wedding coordinator in Boston is part of the process. These Boston wedding planners are even available for destination weddings, though additional fees may be incurred. Planning a wedding with Great Beginnings Events is smart event planning. They are even known as the best wedding planner in Boston.

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Occasions By Courtney

Occasions By Courtney Personalized wedding planning in Boston is often achieved through Occasions By Courtney. Owner Courtney Lampman is a hands -on wedding planner that likes to meet with potential clients over drinks. She believes getting to know clients before she becomes their wedding consultant makes the wedding planning process easier to personalize. Few wedding planners in Boston go to the lengths Ms. Lampman does to ensure that each couple will have their wedding plans turn out perfectly. As a wedding coordinator Ms. Lampman is passionate about helping couples when it comes to planning a wedding that is everything they ever dreamed of.

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