Top 10 Rated Madison Wedding Cake Bakeries

La Brioche True Food

La Brioche True Food La Brioche True Food was opened by husband and wife duo, David Yankovich and Jackie Patricia. The duo always pledges to make everything including cake toppers from scratch, using fresh eggs, natural flours, real butter and cream, and the best ingredients they can find. Their meal is so cheap and affordable; La Brioche Bakery basically serves food under the $15 mark. You can never go wrong with an events cake from La Brioche Bakery.

Mauries Fine Chocolates and Candies

Mauries Fine Chocolates and Candies Established in 1993, Cher Mandel named the shop after her late dad, Maurie, who had been running his own chocolate store since 1941. Since the father’s death in 1991, Cher carried on his family's tradition by re-establishing the chocolate shop in 1993 on Monroe Street in Madison, Wisconsin. The store owner is so friendly, clean and her shop is full of chocolate cakes for birthdays, baby shower, weddings and other different events. Her Prices are also fair for most to afford.

Gigis Cupcakes of Madison

Gigis Cupcakes of Madison Gina Butler, popularly known as Gigi, was just a cleaner when she opened her first cake bakery in Tennessee, in 2008. She opened the shop with only $33 left in her bank account. Eight years down the line, Gigi’s Cupcakes has grown to be the one of top and largest custom cakes Franchise Companies in the country. She has 102 locations in 24 states in the USA including Madison, and one location in South Korea. Her goal is to reach 250 locations by 2020.

Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier

Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier Gail, the founder of Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier, opened her local shop in 2004 after getting laid off from her 10 year old job as a cartographer at the age of 44. Since then, she has been garnering admiration for her broad range of offerings and unique flavours. She creates deliciously unique hand crafted fine chocolates and cakes inspired by the finest, freshest ingredients, and the mood of the event. Tastings are held on the third Thursday of every month, from January to October.

Honey Bee Collective

Honey Bee Collective Mary White, the owner and founder of Honey Bee Collective, first started her own business as a cake baker in Chicago. Her American layer cakes made with butter were a success, something that made her expand to other regions including Madison. Mary sells her unique product line at area farmers' markets, makes wonderful Madison wedding cakes, and takes special orders for other special occasions. Apart from the markets, Honey Bee Collective makes amazing wedding cakes in Madison, WI and other occasion cakes.