Top 10 Rated Anaheim Wedding and Engagement Rings Designers

Happy Jewelers

Happy Jewelers The story behind the Happy Jewelers starts in 1974. This family owned store has earned a reputation over the years of providing high quality jewelry at some of the lowest prices in the area. They have a fantastic range of rings for men and for women so you will be able to choose an engagement ring as well as the wedding bands at Happy Jewelers. Every customer that comes into the store instantly feels like family and this team will definitely make you feel welcome as you choose out the perfect ring.

King of Jewelry

King of Jewelry King of Jewelry has been serving their local area for almost two decades and has become one of the best in the city. The jewelry stores in Anaheim don’t come close to the quality provided by King of Jewelry and their team of experts. You can choose from a wide selection whether you are looking for antique options, vintage styles or something that is a bit more classic. No matter what you are looking for, you can be certain that this store will have something for you.

Diamond Mansion

Diamond Mansion The founders of Diamond Mansion saw that there was a lack of high quality engagement rings in Anaheim, CA and sought to change that. After achieving this goal the store started to expand and now provides one of the finest selections in the area. This jewelry store understands that most young couples cannot afford huge designer costs, so they have provided an affordable alternative. Their diamonds are sourced directly and are of the highest quality. This has made Anaheim engagement rings more available than ever before.

Teresas Jewelers

Teresas Jewelers High quality engagement and wedding rings in Anaheim can be hard to come by, that is why so many travel to Teresa’s Jewelers. This store has been the number one choice for those that love true quality since 1985. They have a huge range of beautiful rings that have all been hand-selected by the in-house jeweler. With their contacts around the world the collection at Teresa’s has always been amazingly unique and you will certainly find something that you will love.

Darbini Jewelry

Darbini Jewelry It isn’t always possible to find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, even if you travel to all the jewelry stores in California. This is the reason that Darbini Jewelry offers their custom design option. Their in-house jewelry expert will be able to make the ring of your dreams come to life. In addition to their tailored service they have one of the best collections of rings in the state, therefore it is very likely you will find your ideal ring at Darbini Jewelry.