Top 10 Rated Anaheim Wedding Cake Bakeries

Cakes By Rumy

Cakes By Rumy Cakes by Rumy offers beautiful cakes and confections that always make a special occasion event more special. You can have a custom designed wedding cake that can even be made with completely organic ingredients when they are requested. For Anaheim wedding cakes, you will not find a bakery that gives you a more personalized experience. This team wants to make sure that your cake is as just as unique or as classic as you would like, which is why they put forward every effort to create your dream cake.

The Great Dane Baking Company

The Great Dane Baking Company There are plenty of cake bakeries in California to choose from for your wedding day but The Great Dane Baking Company really does set the quality and the design standards for the competition to try to keep up with. The designers at this company will be able to take an idea that you have, a theme, color scheme, or even an actual object and draw inspiration to create a delicious and affordable cake. This company has been making the best cakes in the business since 1996.

Sweet And Saucy Shop

Sweet And Saucy Shop There is no better place to buy wedding cakes in Anaheim, CA than Sweet and Saucy Shop. This bakery has been making some of the most flavorful confections for many years. From pastries to towering wedding cakes, the team at this shop can do it all. You will be able to work with the cake designer to come up with the shapes; colors and flavors that would best suit your occasion. Then the bakers and decorators will work their magic and make the cake come to life.

Sweet Traders

Sweet Traders If you have a sweet tooth then your wedding cake is going to be a very important aspect of your big day. Sweet Traders makes elegant custom cakes that are not only beautiful, but also incredibly delicious. When you approach this shop to have your cake made, they will walk you through the options that you have and you will work together to come up with a design and special cake toppers that you will love. This can even include a combination of cake and cupcakes.

Wedding Cakes By Laurice

Wedding Cakes By Laurice For great prices you will be able to work with the owner and baker at Wedding Cakes by Laurice for a completely customized confection to enjoy on one of the most special days of your lives. Baby shower cakes and birthday cakes can be bought anywhere. Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of a reception and require serious talent to execute perfectly. This is just one of the many reasons you should work with this company. They specialize in wedding cakes specifically and are at the top of their game.