Top 10 Rated Anaheim Wedding Planners and Coordinators

Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet Simply Sweet is owned and operated by the incredibly talented Holly. She has been working to plan weddings and special events for years. She has the experience and as a certified coordinator, she also has the credentials to back up her skills. Whether you are planning a local wedding or a destination event, Holly and her team can help you make the ceremony and the party just as you have always imagined them. This company will even help you find the right vendors to match your vision.

Rebel Belle

Rebel Belle When you work with Rebel Belle, you will be treated like a celebrity throughout the wedding planning process. This company will provide you with all of the services that you want rather than having you pay for many services that you do not even need. Part of this is offering various packages to suit your specific event. This company can be there to help you with every detail, to help you with just some of the decision-making or they can be there on the big day as an organizer.


Intertwined You could take on the stress of planning a wedding or you could work with the top Anaheim wedding planners to guarantee that your event will be perfect. Intertwined is a wedding coordination company that can help you at any stage of the planning process. They will walk you through each stage of the planning so that you can see all of the details separately and then watch as the planning team brings them together on the big day to create an unforgettable occasion.


Wink When you want to work with one of the best planners in town, you need to call Wink! This company is known for taking their clients through the checklist of things that need to get done in order to have a beautiful wedding day, all the while also staying on budget. You will love knowing that all of the details of your day will be just as you have always wanted. This company puts you in control of all of the decisions that need to be made while they take care of the stressful organizing.

Stylish Details

Stylish Details Wedding planning carried out by Stylish Details is always elegant and always specific to the couple that will be at the center of the occasion. Having a wedding planner in Anaheim, CA that is totally dedicated to creating a custom event based on your likes and style is the reason most couples choose these experts over the other planning companies in California. You will get the personalized attention of a wedding consultant who will make sure that all of the details of the day come together flawlessly.