Top 10 Rated Wedding Videographers in Chicago, IL

Complete Weddings

Complete Weddings There are few companies that offer services as comprehensive as those of Complete Weddings. This company is focused on serving their clients in every way possible, which means their basic packages come with at least 8 hours of coverage. Their films are always produced in a beautiful style that is reflective of the personality of the couple as well as the style of the wedding videographer. With over 10 years of experience and the use of the latest equipment, you can be sure that your film will be of the highest quality.

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Leap Weddings

Leap Weddings Leap Weddings was established in 2006 and has since grown in popularity because of their style in filming and working with clients. Reviews of this company have raved about the fresh perspective these professionals offer, making each film they make one-of-a-kind. The first step in booking this company is to contact them and set up a meeting where you can really discuss what you want and what they can offer you to capture all of the details you want to include.

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Eivan’s Photography and Video

Eivan’s Photography and Video Eivan’s Photography and Video is a company dedicated to telling the love stories of their clients in the most original and personalized way. These experts use their talents with the camera and in the editing process to make films in a documentary style that allow their clients to relive the most precious moments from their wedding. For an affordable price, you can have these professionals film your wedding for up to 10 hours and create the final film complete with music and highlights.

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AVP Films

AVP Films AVP Films is a company famous for their style in shooting and editing. They work to make their clients feel at ease with their services and in front of their cameras. From there they take footage from every angle to ensure they have everything they need to edit together a beautiful film that is reflective of the couple’s love. This company is not only professional but very easy to work with and when that is paired with their use of the latest equipment, you have a winning combination.

Milestone Photo & Video

Milestone Photo & Video Milestone Photo & Video offers packages that combine their expert photography and videography to best meet the needs of their clients and ensure the style they use to capture the day remains the same throughout. When you hire this company to take footage of your wedding day, they will be present for the entire event, using microphones to ensure they do not miss a word shared between you and your partner during the ceremony and other special moments throughout the day.

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TGS Video Communications

TGS Video Communications Your wedding day can be seen as an event or as a story. TGS Video Communications is focused on capturing your day as the fairytale story that it is. These wedding videographers in Chicago, IL know how to make the atmosphere of your big day translate onto film. From the very first consultation to viewing the beautiful final film, these experts will make you feel completely taken care of throughout the process. You will love watching the film that they create for you.

Neu Vision Production

Neu Vision Production If you are looking for the top Chicago wedding videographers then look no further than the Neu Vision Productions. This company specializes in filming weddings of all kinds, including those traditional or ethnic ceremonies from various cultures from around the world. These professionals use the latest equipment to take footage of your wedding so the final film they produce is of movie quality. With experience in this industry, they also know how to work with the other vendors at your event to get the best shots.

Rhys Ladhani Media

Rhys Ladhani Media Choosing your professional videographer is hugely important when it comes to your wedding day. These experts only have one chance to get all of the footage they need to create a beautiful and timeless film. Rhys Ladhani Media is one company offering the very highest quality videography for all kinds of weddings in Illinois. They want the footage from your wedding day to be something you enjoy watching over and over again, and when these professionals make your film, you certainly will.

Pittman Productions

Pittman Productions All you have to do is watch one of the wedding films that has recently been made by Pittman Productions to be convinced of the talent of the videographers and the services they can provide for your wedding. With a clear list of their rates and packages, you will know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost you. You can have up to two professional videographers and five DVD copies of your film when you book this company to make your wedding film.

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