Top 10 Rated Chicago Nail Salons

Le NuVo Salon and Spa

Le NuVo Salon and Spa High caliber nail art is now offered by Le NuVo Salon and Spa. The salon sees to it that every customer to walk inside their doors will receive a different taste of fashion art. When it comes to nails, the salon is highly awarded for catering to weddings, prom nights and parties. Colorful and creative nail designs are added at Le NuVo Salon and Spa, the most sought after nail salon at Illinois. Find great great price cuts at this top nail hub, the local people have always loved.

Polish and Pour

Polish and Pour A bride walks down the aisle looking gorgeous as ever. Her groom watches her with hair slowly cascading in the most beautiful hair arrangements, while she is wearing a very captivating white gown and a pretty set of nail designs. The Polish and Pour has what you need in the latest nail arts craze, which have been widely acclaimed by reviews and found in the cheapest packages for everyone. Splashes of red, gold and blue are whipped up for a rare nail designs to grab for. See this group of talented nail artists today to get hours of undying fun!

Juko Nail & Skin Rescue

Juko Nail & Skin Rescue It is not enough just to choose your gown, schedule a hair updo at a local hair parlor and buy a set of dining features for the big day. Thinking of something to remember is a must, like choosing the best set of nail designs to cherish forever. Get in love even more at Juko Nail & Skin Rescue, the metro’s top 1 nail salon in bridal fashion. Products used are all original and organic to receive the best nail care. Other features are manicure, pedicure, waxing and hair styling. Check the group’s latest nail arts and act right away!

Mitazi Salon

Mitazi Salon The list of nail arts at Mitazi Salon is something to cherish forever. On the big day, bring the whole entourage at this salon for a moment of fun, fashion and fabulous nail designs. The most wanted bridal’s pick of the metro is glad to give its guests a list of stylish nail arts for your wedding. Take a splurge on a today’s top pick of nail colors, paints and shimmering additions. They are so stylish, see a “Get near me!” sign at each nail design they made. The Mitazi Salon is a nail spa for you.

Holly’s Beauty Salon

Holly’s Beauty Salon The sweetest nail designs can be found at Holly’s Beauty Salon. For the most prided choice of bridal look, this fantastic salon can whip up what you have always dreamt of in nail designs. Match them with rhinestones, glitters, stickers and other great great additions, you wouldn’t want to miss! Holly’s Beauty Salon is open to all women, ladies and girls wanting to have and show off today’s highly demanded nail designs. Not one guest walks out of the salon without looking gorgeous and stylish. Holly’s Beauty Salon is a Chicago nail salon to be seen at!


Revive Bride and groom say their “I Dos” and vow a lock of hearts to set their dreams of being together forever. The ideal bridal look would be nice to see with today’s most desired nail designs. They go best with your choice of such a beautiful fashionable gown and bridal couture. At Revive, every bride gets to take home eco-friendly nail art services in the highest form of fashion. At Revive, a group of talented nail artists work like magic and leaves every bride looking lovely and stunning. Drop by the wonderful salon today!

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2x10 Nails & Spa

2x10 Nails & Spa You and he are meant forever. March down the aisle with the perfect nail arts by 2x10 Nails & Spa. Add rhinestones, glimmers and glitters for one wonderful look never to miss by a fantastic nail salon. Inside, you can find a set of talented nail artists to work magic on your nails. You can even request them to be designed to match any type of theme for your wedding, parties and hosted events. See beauty and fashion in top performance by a nail salon only at 2x10 Nails & Spa.

Salon Vision

Salon Vision A juicy nail design is perfect for the bride, when she finally walk down the red carpet. At Salon Vision, she gets to choose from extraordinary and amazing packages found at nail salons in Chicago, IL. Choose from varied mixtures nail colors like white on red, blue on baby pink and a whip of gold paint on gray, they would all look beautiful for your wedding day. At Salon Vision, each bride carries the best fashion sense of the nail art industry. With a proud set of nail amenities, nail designs are given extra care and love. Visit the salon now!

Vickie’s Nail Salon

Vickie’s Nail Salon Take a dive in red, yellow and golden hue nail arts. A local nail designing salon, Vickie’s Nail Salon gives just the most right nail arrangements for wedding days. Its guests can have a good time at parties wearing stylish and chic nail designs. They come in affordable packages only served by the most talented salon connoisseurs known to the city today. Nail designs are available, friendly to our pockets. Drop by at Vickie’s Nail Salon for hours of colorful pleasure today!

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