Top 10 Best Chicago Laser Hair Removal Salons

Spa Derma

Spa Derma Spa Derma knows the value of being available to their clients and strives to be as accommodating as possible. They have extended their working hours into the evenings and across the weekend so they will be able to fit into your schedule and not the other way around. This approach to laser hair removal in Chicago, IL is refreshing and only one of the reasons that Spa Derma is so successful. Their team will present you with all of the care and advice you will need to make this an enjoyable visit.

MJL Surgery

MJL Surgery With all of the dedication to excellence that Dr. Michael J. Lee brings to the cosmetic industry, his office should be the first choice for anyone looking for laser hair removal. Dr. Lee and his expert team believe that the care of the patient, both physically and mentally, should come first. That is why they ensure that they offer the best advice in the business. This level of care is not cheap and that is why they make sure you only have those treatments that are necessary to your beauty regime and health.

Cosmedic Clinic

Cosmedic Clinic As with any of the best laser hair removal clinics, Cosmedic Clinic believes in providing their clients with as much information as they can. This enables you to be completely prepared for your appointment, which makes you relax and turns the visit into a pleasant one. They explain to each client how permanent their procedure is and what it will cost. There are no hidden extras or necessary further appointments without having informed the client first. Cosmedic Clinic is a laser hair removal company that you can fully trust.

Fresh Skin

Fresh Skin Dr. Josie Tenore at Fresh Skin and her staff have perfected the treatment for laser hair removal. Over many years of experience they have been able to reduce the number of procedures and extend the amount of time between each removal procedure. Compared to other salons, Fresh Skin offers many more services and this can be combined in affordable packages so you will come away feeling like a new woman. There could be nothing better for your wedding than the feeling you get after visiting Fresh Skin.

D Vida Spa

D Vida Spa Every bride wants to look amazing for her wedding day and laser hair removal is becoming a popular option for smooth skin. D Vida Spa is a local salon that has a great hair removal treatment. Visiting this spa also means that clients can take advantage of the huge number of other treatments they have on offer. Instead of going only for hair removal for your wedding, you will be fully pampered by their talented and highly trained staff. You will feel completely rejuvenated for your special day.

Take It Off

Take It Off Many companies that provide Chicago laser hair removal are also specialized in several other fields. Although this can be a benefit for convenience, it is not when the client wants the best possible service. At Take It Off their main focus is laser hair removal and working with lasers. Whilst also offering spa treatments as a way to treat the whole body but never forgetting their roots. Their treatment is virtually painless, even when it comes to a Brazilian or around the bikini line.

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery With a refreshingly honest and straightforward approach, Chicago Cosmetic Surgery is ready to answer any of your questions before you even step through their doors. This dermatology based beauty center continually updates their technology so they can offer the very best in the business. By using a combination of devices that are honed to work on different types of hair, they are able to remove more hair and give you a smoother feel. On top of this service they also have some of the most affordable prices.

Exponential Beauty

Exponential Beauty Starting from your first free consultation it is clear that you are in the most professional hands that offer laser hair removal in Chicago, IL. Their expertly trained staff ensures that they only offer safe and lasting treatments. Unlike several beauty salons across Illinois, Exponential Beauty has a team packed with medically trained individuals who oversee every procedure. With this level of dedication to their service you will not be disappointed. This is also supported by the many positive patient reviews they have proudly displayed on their site.