Top 10 Rated Chicago Exotic & Luxury Car Rental Companies

Ferrari Rental Chicago

Ferrari Rental Chicago If you have ever dreamed of getting behind of the wheel of one of the world’s most powerful sports cars from makers like Ferrari, then now is your chance to rent one of these vehicles from Ferrari Rental Chicago. This company is one of the only ones of its kind specializing in renting out these exotic and powerful vehicles. You can either pay to become part of a car share or you can rent one of these cars for one occasion.

JDGo Rent A Car

JDGo Rent A Car IDGo Rent A Car offers clients more car rental options than you may have ever thought possible. Not only do they have a fleet that ranges from economy to luxurious but they also have different rates for rentals depending on the length of time as well as options to buy their vehicles. If you are looking for a luxurious car to rent for your wedding day travels, then this company offers the most affordable rates for their elite cars for a day or for a weekend.

Viper Chicago

Viper Chicago Since 2001, Viper Chicago has been providing exotic car rentals in Chicago, IL. For sports cars and luxury cars alike, this company truly has it all. They have cars from makers like Ferrari and Bentley to name a few so you can be sure that they will have a car to fit your needs and your style. For weddings, these cars make for the perfect travel to the ceremony, reception and off to the honeymoon. The prestige and class these cars provide simply cannot be beaten.

Liaison Lifestyle

Liaison Lifestyle Liaison Lifestyle is a company that can meet all of your luxury travel needs. When couples are looking for a luxury car rental in Chicago for their big day, they can certainly find what they’re looking for with this company. The drivers will take you to and from your wedding in style and sophistication in one of their many luxury cars. Renting an elite car from this company ensures that your ride will be elegant and match the style of your event.