Top 10 Rated Garland Exotic & Luxury Car Rental Companies

Silver Car Rentals

Silver Car Rentals Silver Car is a company known for its extensive fleet of Audis. Serving the entire Dallas and Fort Worth metropolis, Garland included, this company has received numerous accolades and awards. Also, the company is one among the fewest that has maintained an innovative approach to the exotic car rental in Garland, TX. In this regard, Silver Car offers an intuitive mobile app compatible with both Apple and Android devices. With this app clients can rent their favorite luxury vehicles wherever they maybe throughout Garland and the greater Dallas area.

Auto Exotic Rental

Auto Exotic Rental Founded over a decade ago, Auto Exotic Rental is a company that offers its rental services in the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. In Dallas, the company provides its services to all the towns including Garland, Texas. With multiple office locations throughout Dallas, this company can cater to the varying needs of clients. Auto Exotic Rental has a fleet of luxury and elite cars from some of the most renowned manufacturers. The company’s team of agents are devoted to the satisfaction of each client.

Boss Exotic Car Rental

Boss Exotic Car Rental Since 2014, Boss Exotic Car Rental has been a leader in the Dallas car rental industry. Known for offering excellent customer services and a fleet of luxurious and exotic models that is always being updated, Boss Exotic is a one-of-a-kind company. Catering to the needs of a diverse clientele all across the US, Boss Exotic offers high-end sports cars such as Lamborghinis, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce Ferrari and Bentleys. In addition to its collection of exotic automobiles, the company works with local dealers, luxury car owners to provides its clients with a diverse selection of vehicles.

Exotic Car Hire

Exotic Car Hire Offering some of the finest exotic car models in Garland and beyond, Exotic Car Hire has been the preferred car rental company of many in the Dallas area. Exotic Car Hire caters to a wide range of clients and has expanded into the European and Asian markets. Thus, it is not just another local luxury car rental company. Instead, this is an internationally acclaimed provider of luxury car rental services. That being the case, clients enjoy renting their exotic cars and working with a dedicated team of agents whose sole purpose is to ensure clients have a pleasant experience.

Drive Your Dream

Drive Your Dream It is the dream of many to get behind the wheel of an exotic sports car. Drive Your Dream brings such dreams to reality by offering a diverse fleet of exotic and luxury car models. Whether is for weddings or a celebration, Drive Your Dream has a car to fit every occasion. The company maintains one of the largest fleets of high-end motor vehicles in the Dallas Metropolis. Thus for luxury car rental in Garland, Drive Your Dream is the company to contact. The company also offers its vehicles for corporate functions and launches.